Get tips on how to organise your wardrobe better, what to keep, sell or rent out. This service will enable you to understand whether your clothing reflects who you are and fits your lifestyle.


It will suit anyone looking to spruce up their wardrobe without blindly buying new things. We will put together potential clothing combinations that you could wear and find the gaps that could be filled.  I will also create a Pinterest mood board for you with inspiration on how to wear certain things in your closet. If you would like a personalised shopping list of specific items you may need it is an additional £30.

In-Person: £220/ 4 hours includes going through your current seasonal pieces and trying on various combinations.

Online: £220 includes a 2-3 hour online consultation, after which you have a week to send me any photos of combinations and questions.

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From sourcing a one-off item to a full wardrobe revamp, I am here to help. I prefer to concentrate on high-quality sustainably made staples that last longer, but if you are on a limited budget, we can find a compromise. I am constantly scanning for new brands,  second-hand stores and deals to save your time.  

In-person: we choose an area of London that suits your style or what you are looking for and go there £60/hour or £200/ 4 hours

Online: £50/ hour 




This service is for anyone who wants to create different looks from their existing clothing. I am happy to put together a one-off look for an event or a selection of clothes for a specific activity that can be worn together. It is less extensive than the wardrobe sorting service. I will create a mood board for your desired style, once agreed I will direct you through your wardrobe and we will put the looks together. 

In-person: £120 / up to 2 hours

Online: £100 / up to 2 hours

*If you need a shopping session in addition to this service, get it in a bundle for £40/hour for online sourcing.

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Whether you are shopping or just unsure how best to wear your outfit, you can hit me up and ask questions on how to style it best, whether to buy the item or not. This is a less in-depth version of Outfit Creation service. 

Online / WhatsApp £20/month; 5 enquiries

Book an appointment here. If there is something you didn't see but would like to enquire about, please don't hesitate to contact me here. 

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