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Zero Waste Bathroom Pt3

Part 3

A selection of blue, white and red soaps

I am finally finishing my 'saga' on my zero waste swaps. This one includes my decisions-decisions on the bamboo toothbrush VS the electric one, razor (I actually found a good video on it after buying and using it, which I found fun, especially the comment from a gentleman who's been using this type of razor his whole life), last but not least the magnificent 'Who Gives a Crap' toilet paper. I think these guys are the only ones in the market making recycled toilet paper packaged in paper.


I considered switching to a standard non-electric brush. But I know I cannot clean my teeth as thoroughly with a manual brush since I switched to an electric one because I was advised to do so by the dentist. I was tempted to buy Georganics electric toothbrush because they offer recycling options. I emailed Oral B to check whether they offer to recycle for the toothbrush heads. The response had no specifics and was wishy-washy. I checked TerraCycle where you get a small box (£147.24) or a medium box (£250.06) where you can put your waste and then send it to them, which is too costly for recycling. Luckily, recently I went to Bulk Market in Hackney, and they have recycling bins, where you can recycle toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and many other items (crisps and biscuits packaging, lotion and shampoo packaging and more). So for now, I'll stick to Oral B instead of buying a new brush and will ensure I recycle it properly. £48.90

electric toothbrush £4.40 £4.00

I keep seeing bamboo toothbrushes in Boots too, so you can find them there.


I never used to use razors much because I used to get wax. After a while, I got tired and decided to try hair laser removal. It sort of worked, but I still have hair (even though it grows slower and is much finer). I still can't be asked going waxing, so the fastest way to get rid of the hair is to shave. Even though I don't do it often, it still requires a razor that cannot be recycled, so I decided to give a chance to Naked Necessities Shaving Starter kit, which includes a razor, 5 blades, shaving soap (haven't tried it yet). You still have to bring the blades to a recycling point, but at least they won't be rotting in a landfill.

Some people say they cannot get used to them and that they're too sharp. Seeing that scared me a little bit, but I've tried it on the legs/ armpits/ bikini (I mean full on) and so far so good. You just have to take your time, because the head is static, so you have to choose the position right. Some people advise allowing the weight of the razor to lead instead of trying to pull it forcefully. Some people complain that it gives them a rash. Personally, I find it more precise and less irritating (against my skin) than a 'modern'/ standard shaver. But I do take it slow when shaving because the blade is sharp. Sometimes I cheat and do most with the 'old-school' safety razor, and do some bits with my old one. £26

this is the one I have, but there are many different ones. here is a nice detailed video, also check out th very first comment underneath by Gil Oro. I found it quite insightful. I am not changing the blade just after three shaves though. Maybe I should... Thoughts?

Toilet Paper.

There's only one brand I have seen around that was selling non-plastic packaged recycled toilet paper. You can buy them on their website. The delivery is really fast, it takes about 3 days to arrive, including the day of the order (maybe I was lucky). There are packages of 24 or 48. I ordered 24 because I have nowhere to keep 48. The box and the packaging of each roll have some great copyrighting (if you are one of these people who appreciate fun marketing). In fact, marketing is so good that I am tempted to add a roll to everyone's Christmas present.

The paper is not as good as some brands, but it's not bad. I think it lasts longer than the average roll. It costs £1 per roll compared to £0.50 or £0.30 per roll if you buy Andrex in Bulk. Some zero waste shops sell these as a single roll, so maybe you could try one before committing to the whole 24 pack to see if think it's worth paying for it. Recently, I went to a talk by Dilly Carter (@declutterdollies). She is against buying in bulk, because you clutter your tiny space. But I am happy to clutter for this one. So far we've been using the rolls for three months (there's two of us) and we still have seven rolls left. attaching the link to all of their products

P.S. check out their special edition paper. The packaging and marketing is seriously too good!

I am done with my swaps for now. If you want to hear about any other products, email me, dm me on insta @inkstyling If you have feedback, let me know too :)

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