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Zero Waste Bathroom

Part 1

Another place I am trying to change my habits around is the bathroom. I still have plenty of plastic in it, but I have decided to use up what I have slowly while looking for new alternatives.


soap wrapped with a rope on a plate

I love soap and have always preferred it to shower gels. Nowadays, there's a variety of choices that offer vegan soaps that are moisturising and good to the skin. I used to use the Loccitane range. Then I tried Lush, which I still use after I bought 2 huge blocks and they have lasted me more than a year. They have a great range of moisturising soaps. The ones I tried (Ro's Argan and Olive Tree) may be weird at first since they're not as soapy, but I personally love them. £11/ 120g Ro's Argan £11/ 120g Olive Tree This one has small scrub bits in it too so can be used for soft exfoliation

I really want to try this naked shower 'gel' though. It is more saturated, has more of a gel base than soap. £11

Otherwise, there's a huge variety of soft soaps available on Plastic Freedom websites too.

Face Wipes.

This was one of my first swaps. I bought my first set of face wipes on Etsy before I found about Know The Origin and Plastic Freedom websites. They are great, and I am still using them for toners and makeup removers. 

Then I found some on Know The Origin. I love theirs because they're large, so I can remove most of my makeup using just one. They come in a pack of 7, so you can wash them after a week. Alternatively, you can rinse and hand wash them after each use. They are two-sided (one is harder, one is really soft). They are very well sewn and sturdy. Because if I use makeup, it is quite bright and waterproof, some of the black from mascara and red from the matte lipsticks have stained the wipes. It doesn't bother me personally, because I throw them in the washing machine, so they are clean just stained. 

Currently, Know The Origin offer the black ones, on which the stains will be less noticeable. Furthermore, they have 20% off the conscious living at the moment with the code 'zerowastehero' £7.50 It may seem a little pricey, but they will last you longer than single use wet wipes or cotton wool pads. So in the long run, you will save money. 

The ones I bought first were from Etsy, a pack of 10, which are a little smaller and a little less sturdy, they still work fine. £5.50 for a set of 5 £10.50 for a set of 10



I got their deodorant at the zero-waste market. I bought Sweet Orange and, Sandalwood and Cedarwood and Bergamot to try. I am not a fan of scented deodorant, but this one is quite nice. I am very sweaty and smelly ha, so I think this deodorant is quite good at concealing the smell, but it works best if I apply it twice a day. It comes in carton packaging, it's vegan and is biodegradable. They are a bit pricey (£8.99), compared to the Mitchum one I used to use (£3.20). But you would be supporting a small independent business owned by a woman of colour instead of a large company. Apparently, one tab lasts for 1 month, mine is on for over a month, and I still have some left. The only downside or just be aware is that it crumbles quite easily if you roll the stick out too much. £8.99

Pure Deodorant.

Recently, I was in Brighton and found a zero waste shop Hisbe. They sold 'Pure' deodorant, which I've been trying to find for a while. It also comes in a carton packaging. The reason why I wanted it is because they have an unscented deodorant and I usually prefer these. So far, I really like it. It mixes fine with my own smell and prevents me from stinking (yay). They have scented options too. £7


Last but not least, when I was in St Petersburg this year, I ran out of my Gloryskin deodorant. The only zero-waste option that can be found easily there is Lush. I was choosing between T'eo, which was advised to me as stronger protection. I ended up going for Aromaco. I still don't remember why I think I preferred that I could get a smaller piece because they can cut that one for you. I am not a fan of its smell as much, but it does protect well and protects me from stinking, so that's great. The great thing is that it does come in 'naked' like soap and you can keep it in a small tin, which I bought at lush too. These tins are awesome for other zero packaged products too. £6.50/ 100g 

My personal favourite is Pure because it has the texture I'm most used to and it comes unscented, I like Gloryskin for the scent, and Lush would come last for no specific reason, just personal feel. 

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