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Wardrobe HQ Réalisation Par Emilie Dress Rental.

I have been trying to get myself a Realisation Par Christie dress for some time now. I ordered myself a couple of pieces by them (I am very late to the trend party), but they came too large even after I measured myself and asked the staff of what size I should go for. Also, after checking the Vestiaire Collective, I realised there is a daily supply of second-hand Realisation Par pieces, so I started my hunt.

Girl upside down in a tiger print chair in a white mini dress and Dr Martens boots
The dress I'm after.

For those who aren't as familiar with Vestiaire, it is a website for luxury and quality vintage and second-hand finds. It allows you to create notifications for whatever you are looking for, which I did for Realisation dresses. Every day there were Christie dresses posted, but I was not sure since they sold for the price of new. Finally, there was a dress in white for a reasonable price! But I was thinking for too long, and on the day when I made up my mind, it was sold.

So I thought this was a sign to rent one to both test if the dress would work for me and to try out renting. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Christie in my size on any other platforms in any colours, so I went for a similar style called Emilie in black from Wardrobe HQ. I paid £33 (£24 for the dress for four days and £9 for cleaning and sending it). There was a slight delay I ordered the dress on Thursday and was supposed to receive it on Monday, but then it was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, which would have been a bit sad because I needed it for Tuesday. In the end, the dress arrived just in time and the customer service was lovely and did their best to ensure it arrives on time.

a lady standing in a mini black dress and black stilettos
The Emilie dress I rented.

The dress arrived clean and nicely packed without any excess packaging. It was slightly worn (embroidery threads and the zip were somewhat loose in some places). I wore it with an oversized blazer for a date, with a t-shirt for a meeting and I made a video with it for a blog. It was worn three times in four days (£10 per wear). The dress was beautiful, perfect for my height short but easy to walk in. But because it is not the same style I'd still like to rent the white one to see which one works better for me.

My Wardrobe HQ delivery of a rented dress in a box
The package with the dress.

Would I do rental again? Yes. It is a great solution to try and see whether the clothing works for you in your day-to-day life. There have been multiple times where I bought something and then realised after a couple of wears that it is not for me. Rental really helps to avoid that. I would also use the service to rent pieces that everyone talks about, but I don't necessarily want to own them (e.g. H&M collaborations or for me that would be Rotate or Olivia Rubin).

When I buy a piece, I think I will have it for life, so I'll have time to wear it, which also means I can neglect some pieces for a while. Whereas when renting there's a clear time frame. I even felt accomplished that I managed to wear it so many times given the time frame.

I am not an obsessive renter yet, because I am not so used to spending money on something I don't own in the end. But I am ready to embrace it from time to time. It makes me look at my wardrobe differently and enjoy it even more as whenever I see something I'd like to rent I start looking at what I already have first.

Four images of Tatiana wearing a black mini dress with a turquoise blazer, with a black lace skirt, with a long jumper like blazer and an oversized chunky knit colourful jumper
Some of countless ways of wearing the LBD (little black dress).
Tatiana posing with a creme lace bag, in a black mini dress paired with a white t-shirt and white sneakers with flowers 3D printed on them, closeup of the previous look with hands styled in rings, black mini dress styled with a chunky colourful knit big blue chain and a yellow bag.
More ways of styling the dress and some closeups.

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