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Slow Fashion Season Challenge.

This year was a second year, where I have tried not to shop any new items for 3 months (check out Slow Fashion Movement). They stand for not shopping high street and supporting second hand, small local designers and sustainable fashion instead. I try to reduce my clothing shopping altogether. It was another year where I started so well but failed so badly.

Because the event falls onto summer sales and my birthday, which demands a treat (no it doesn't), I find it challenging. Especially this year, where there was no point in buying many new items as summer was pretty much cancelled. But as soon as we were allowed out and the shops opened offering all the clothing on sale I felt the rush. I utilised my friends asking them for specific items of clothing for my birthday. Luckily a lot of my friends embrace my love of vintage and Ganni.

So what did I buy? I got a pair of Manolos for my birthday on sale (I cannot resist Manolos summer sale *calls mum like so you know it's my birthday this year and every other year*). I did not buy them straight away I spent a few weeks thinking. I got a fancy tracksuit from Mother of Pearl. I do not feel guilty about it as it is beautiful and very wearable, especially in these times. Also, how hard is it to buy 100% cotton tracksuit?! I followed that by visiting Mother Of Pearl sample sale, because I gained weight and I am tired of shaming myself for not fitting into any bottoms. But really, I just want all MoP pieces. I do not feel guilty about sample sales as much because it's the 'leftovers' or tests that noone bought.

Overall it is another year of me not being able to stop shopping completely. So what is the point? Mindful shopping. Appreciation of what I have and what I buy. It also pushed me to look into renting some pieces (check my blog post on renting from My Wardrobe HQ), which I thoroughly enjoyed. I do my best to carry that mindfulness throughout the year but participating in this challenge reminds me how special clothes are and where my priorities lie.

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