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Silk Slip

This month the key piece was a slip dress that I got for Christmas from my friend. I have been looking at that dress for 2 years or so after I have gone to a talk on feminism and fashion at Goldsmiths. One of the speakers was Sophie from Birdsong. The brand concentrates on supporting women and providing them with fairly paid jobs. It also uses real models and no photoshop for their campaigns. I love slip dresses and have 3 (I feel like I could have more ha). I think they are comfortable, can be worn in so many ways and most importantly can be worn any season.

I love being comfortable and feeling like a marshmallow. I know that for some this makes me too round but this is how I would probably walk everywhere... Jumper and bag are Old Celine. Rings are from all over the world, necklace Ralph Lauren. The sneakers are super old Nikes.

The second look I wanted to enhance the 90s neckline of the dress by making the whole look very 90s. The shoes are my faves by Melissa. They are high, but super sturdy and comfy. Surprisingly they don't rub anywhere either, which is a miracle for my feet. The net top is from Urban Outfitters- another place I try not to shop there anymore :( Bag is by Staud, which I got on sale at Net-A-Porter. I justify it, because I have been wanting it for more than a year. Earrings are Zara also bought ages ago, but turned out to be a pair that didn't break after one wear.

Last but not least is the look that I am not sure about ha! I think I like it. I combined my mum's Givenchy velvet blazer and high Stuart Weizman velvet boots with this dress for an 'evening' look. I have had this blazer for a while, but struggled to pair it with anything, because I feel that it is so chic that nothing looks good enough with it or I am not ready for it yet (I have it sometimes, good job it's my mum's and I can always return it till better times). But I feel that it does look good and chic with the satin shine of the dress.

As per usual I am going to attach links to gorgeous sustainable slips I found online.

As always, if you're a fan of vintage for online go Rocket, Beyond Retro and Etsy, simply type in 'Slip Dress' they have loads reclaimed pieces there that are cheaper.

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