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Shopping Second-Hand Online

A girl browsing through a hanger full of colourful vintage shirts

Last year I was determined to venture out into second hand Christmas presents. I often struggle to shop second hand online, as I have certain reservations in terms of price, fit and style VS no ability to return.

I have been stalking the ebloggers platform like a maniac looking for pieces and deals and have managed to get a new Reformations golden velvet top for £45 for my friend for Christmas. Luckily, it has an elastic back, so I feel it should fit her nicely. I also found Olivia Rose The Label top on Vestiaire for a fraction of a price, but because it is in the US the delivery is a bit unreasonable (did not buy). I got myself a Faithful the Brand dress on ebloggers too that I managed to get for £50 brand new VS £250 on Net-a-Porter. I wanted a shift dress that would work well both during winter layered with jumpers and during summer.

I was delighted to find a Sleeper pyjama set for a friend of mine. I have promised her to get one, but it has been sold out in black for ages, and I did not want to get one from the US due to air miles and tax. So after having given up, I thought to return to Vestiaire weeks later to have found my luck. Another piece with labels still intact. The trousers are with an elastic, so it was a safe order bet since Vestiaire does not allow returns.

The last piece I would like to mention a gorgeous Rag & Bone belt. I never shop from the brand, but was determined to get a high-quality belt from a friend of mine. So I turned to The Outnet, for a good deal. Having found one there, it turned out to be way too big, however, I loved the piece's quality. I returned it and was lucky enough to find one in a different but still very usable colourway on Vestiaire. The friend seemed happy with the piece in the end, and the sizing was perfect.

I am still searching for a Realisation Par Emilie dress because I have not stopped thinking about it after renting it.

I tried to be perfect and get a Christmas present for myself on Vestiaire, but I was too slow and lost an item

What's the point of me writing this post?

1) I am proud of myself for aiming to buy as many presents as I could second-hand. There is loads of space for improvement though. Loads of people do this much better than I do. I am simply describing my journey.

2) Second-hand does not mean heavily worn pieces. There are so many completely new pieces out there. Even when they are from older collections without labels, they just sit in people's wardrobes unworn.

3) I think I am finally cracking shopping second-hand online.

a) Get the brands you already know the fit of.

b) Get something with an elastic, so there is some space when it is a new fit.

c) Do not think for too long, especially if the piece is in high demand.

d) Do send offers.

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