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Know The Origin T-Shirt​​

I haven't done my #inkstyling_3ways sum up in a while. Usually, I randomly pick an item of clothing and style it in three ways. This time Josh said I should style something affordable. Recently I got him two t-shirts from Know The Origin, my absolute favourite place for all things sustainable. They have strict guidelines and an excellent selection for both fashion and homeware items. They also have popups (currently in Brighton), where they have awesome networking events too. I love exploring zero waste products, clothing, food and even magazines and books about sustainability in their popups. I bought the t-shirts in a previous popup (the classic KTO one in white, one in grey) and so far have been very happy with them. Usually white t-shirts loose colour, shape and the material wears out quite fast. The white one is still clean and crisp.

I thought styling a t-shirt would be quite easy, because it's such a versatile piece. It still took me some time, because I wanted it to look different and not just do a go-to: jeans and a t-shirt look. Here are my t-shirt combos.

For the first look I decided to wear a pair of bicycle shorts (almost leggings) with the t-shirt. I also decided to belt it, and style it with heels and big earrings to make it more glam.

The scrunchie is by Sabinna (@sabinna_com on insta) made from leftover material from her collection. Was not planning to wear it a bracelet, but I think it worked quite well. When it comes to jewellery and accessories, I tend to buy them as I go. When I travel, I always find artisanal and small businesses presented in the markets in cool areas. I bought these earrings in Miami around Wynwood Walls in a shop full of local designers. But I really wanted a big light statement earring and they're perfect.

I was determined to use this t-shirt in different ways, so here it is layered underneath a shirt. The shirt is vintage from Vietnam, the trousers are also from Know The Origin. I love the wide shape, high waist and that they have an elastic band to cater for various sizes.

The jewellery is all old from my work from Leivan Kash. Boots and bag are Chloe.

Here, the t-shirt is paired with vintage Levis jeans. Sophia Webster sneakers were bought on sale for about £100-120, I've been looking at them for a while before buying. The bag is from Christopher Kane sample sale. I like sample sales, because I think and I hope it prevents the overstock from going to waste, but it also enables you to find some great one-offs.

For this look I tied the t-shirt on my waste. I've styled this look with some really old jewellery from my previous work places including MAWI, Maria Francesca Pepe and a pair of All Saints earrings, which was one of the last collections before they stopped making jewellery. The sunglasses used for this shoot are from Zipper Vintage (@zippervintageclothing- insta) in Amsterdam, which is great for jeans, trendy items and accessories (but especially denim, seriously so good).

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