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I am experimenting with the formats, so now I am starting a blog for so far my only feature #inkstyling_3ways I created it because I have a huge wardrobe (I do love it though) and I wanted to utilise it more, hopefully coming up with new ways of wearing the same piece. Also, I wanted to encourage the viewer to have a look at their existing clothes in a different way :) I shop and I shop a lot, I am not trying to preach that you should never buy any clothes new or second hand. I am however sharing my journey of looking at my shopping habits differently: can I find a second hand alternative? Can I find an ethical alternative? It works for me, because I love walking around and trying to find pieces, although sometimes it means I want to purchase even more haha.

This week's 'star' is an upcycled denim jacket. A lot of people ask me what Upcycling means. It is when you update or remake pieces into new and better versions. This jacket was made out of old mens' jeans and samples of sofa fabric (on the back). I bought it from a British designer David Mumford aka D-A-M based in London. I met him when he gave an Upcycling workshop at Barnardo's.

I decided to pair it with an old burgundy Reiss skirt and my boyfriend's stripy Topshop shirt. Bag is Fendi and boots are Celine. I did not have a specific occasion in mind, but I wanted to find everything burgundy in my wardrobe for the look.

Another look was with a burnt orange corduroy Uniqlo skirt, boyfriend's vintage shirt, my sister's old Chanel sneakers (it's awesome when your sister's feet grow and yours don't) and a fringed suede bag that I bought in Vietnam. I wanted to use skirts to pair with the jacket, because all I want to do is put a pair of jeans on, but I tried to challenge myself a little. Orange also went well with the stitches on the jacket.

Last but not least: I really wanted to make a dress out of the jacket (cause I am that short), but it was a bit too short, so I paired it with an upcycled Re:done skirt. The belt is from Spitafields market stall. Boots are Brunello Cucinelli. Kept the bag and the jewellery the same, since 1) they fit either way 2) I am lazy to find other matching accessories 3) we (myself included) are all so used to constant new items and having a different look each and every time that I want to change that habit. Rings are The Great Frog on the left hand and the right hand (left to right): the index and the middle finger rings are Regal Rose and the Ron Hami ring (I bought in on Amazon for some major discount, spent £20).

To see more photos and inspirations see my instagram @inkstyling If you have suggestions for my features and want to see something specific, your suggestions are always welcome.

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