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Gem Jeans​​

The main guest of this month's #inkstyling_3ways are my crystal embellished jeans from Topshop. A little frivolous purchase, but I do love them dearly both the shape and the sparkles (although I am terrified of washing them). I love them because they can be dressed up as both casual and dressy.

The first look is simple: denim and the oversized pink #oldceline jumper, puffer jacket and a pair of YSL shoes from One and Only Designer sale ages ago. I also decided to keep the bag that I was going to sell, but it fitted here nicely, and I decided that 'it brings me joy'. All of the rings are Tatty Devine, earrings and the necklace are from the places I cannot even remember, but I wanted to put all my plastic jewellery to match the vibe of the lego on the bag (les petits joueurs).

The second look I went for was pairing the jeans with a jacquard dress that I bought in Chelsea Market in New York whose name I don't remember. My mum asked me why I would pair jeans with a dress, and I struggled to find an answer to that question. I love experimenting with fashion, and I love matching things; however wherever whenever whatever and I don't expect it to be perfect. The look was joined by my fringed Gucci bag that I don't wear often, but I love dearly and my first pair of Manolos that, of course, had to be the Carrie Bradshaw shoe (I am aware that the show is questionable in terms of both feminism and conspicuous consumption).

Last but not least - a more casual look. My forever favourite rollneck paired with one of my beloved precious bombers, which is vintage and from Japan and reversible! It's the one that all of the high street copied a few seasons ago. Rings are bought left right and centre. I love silver rings, so when I see 'the one' I tend to get it. Although, I did slow down on jewellery because the pieces I would like to get are expensive, so I have to stare at them for the next few years. The long ring with turquoise and the round necklace is from Jessie Western at Portobello Road, which I strongly recommend giving a visit to, if not to buy anything, then to have a look at the beauty in that store. They support the designers from certain Native

American tribes.

I couldn't find any similar embellished jean styles, so I am going to share some second hand, upcycled and ethical denim brands I like. None of them are cheap, except for the vintage ones, because cotton and denim involve extensive manufacturing. According to Refinery 29 the rule of thumb for jeans is walking away from anything below $100 full price. Not everyone can afford this, but at least be smart about your denim purchases and make sure they last.

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