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Full-Blown Beige

So for this #inkstyling_3ways feature, I decided to get looks together following the all-beige trend happening this Spring-Summer, using only what I have in my wardrobe already. I took on the challenge. I realised I am not a fan, I need a colour pop. I have had this & Other Stories faux leather skirt in beige, the length of which is a little too long for my height to be worn without heels, but I decided to give it a go. Also, finally!!! I have proper photography going on, so I am incredibly excited (yes this much) to have such quality content.

The first look I wore last year, so it was relatively easy to put together. Since the skirt is made of a dense material, I decided to contrast it with a see-through blouse and pair it with these block heels. They work quite well with the ruffly blouse and have a vintage vibe.

For the second look, the aim was to dig up all beige and brown I have. Found a cropped cashmere jumper to show the waistline and made myself taller, despite the length of the skirt, which I find, drowns me a little. I dug up an old pair of Dior boots that I was going to sell, but feel too attached to them as I do to a lot of my pieces, so I kept them. I also got this Ralph Lauren bag in a private sale (they have events where all sale items have an additional sale if you manage to get invited).

Last but not least, I wanted to pair the skirt with the beige sneakers (these were hard to find in my wardrobe). I only have really old worn out Brunello Cucinelli ones, but I was determined to use them for the shoot since I wanted a casual look. The top is actually a blazer top with the zip at the back of a shorts suit set. It looked quite smart with the skirt, so the sneakers, the bum bag and the choker balanced it out.

Overall, I am not sure how I feel about the 'top to bottom' beige game. I think I prefer to have some colour pop in my outfits (like I did in the last one), but it really depends on the occasion. I have also put together some vintage and sustainable beige alternatives for you guys. Let me know if you find this useful at all.

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