Clothing Rentals Pt.3

Last but not least is By Rotation. It is a lovely small business that is only available as an app. Because it is quite small the range isn't as good yet. The owner has the best pieces, lucky for me she is a close size to me. The app is a bit like Instagram, where not only you show a photo of your outfit, it should be worn on you so other users get an idea of what it looks like on a person. Since each person curates their pieces you could get stuff from specific users you like. You can do that on Hurr too, but By Rotation seems to push that idea more. You can get your pieces in person, royal mail and by courier. As a lender, you can indicate that you may not want a smoker wearing your clothes. By Rotation allows you to rent for as little as 2 days. What I liked about By Rotation is their edits like Wedding Bells, The formal etc., targeting specifically people who go on the app to get pieces for various events. So if you're one of those people who specifically want a dress for an event you can find it there. 

Good things: 

  • Personal approach

  • Edits, including UK16 and up (love that touch, very thoughtful)

  • Designer choices

  • Style overall is pretty cool and what's in right now

  • There is a tiny selection of menswear there!! 

  • They are happy to help you upload your images on the app for you


  • Smaller selection

  • I am not as clear on what images can be posted. They say you cannot post images from the retail sites that you have saved, yet I see those images on the platform

  • The lender is responsible for cleaning, but the renter might have to clean it (I am assuming if the clothing has been stained) 

The good thing about renting is that you may be able to afford a piece you have always wanted to have without having to buy it. Maybe Chanel is not all that after all. And if you are in love with the item, you can always purchase it for a lower price. All the rentals that allow lending from the individual suggest putting high/ mid-range designer clothing up. The reason for that is longevity and to encourage people to shop smart, therefore investing in a piece that many people may want to wear and that way make some money back. As a lender, you can give your clothing a richer life. Personally, I would like to rent out the pieces that I have less attachment to and wanted to sell, but they did not sell, so instead, I would like to rent them out and make money back that way.

From By Rotation, I picked a dress and 2 potential vibes with it. None of the shoes are in my size. Casual look with Rejina Pyo bag and leopard mules (£238/7 days) and the more evening look (£406/7 days).

The cheapest option from all of these is Onloan. But my personal choice would still be Hurr for clothing, My Wardrobe HQ for lending my own clothing and By Rotation for cute designer bags.

As soon as I give it a try, I will report back!

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