Anti-Racism Resources.

In the recent events of more people finally seeing racism and realising how problematic it is (FINALLY), the questions that people seem to ask the most is how to be an ally or what to do. There are plenty of links for money donations, you could join a protest, you could sign a petition (you do not have to reside in the UK to sign some petitions), you could text, call, write a letter, write an email to your local MP if in the UK. You can get educated. I love listening and reading Chomsky because he is a strong believer that anyone can understand politics and be political. That one does not need to be an academic to delve into the details and that status quo was created to keep the public away from politics. So get educated: there are Instagram accounts relentlessly educating people on the problems of racism including in fashion and even in sustainability and fashion, books, discussions, zoom, online courses.

Educating yourself will enable you to understand the situation better to then have the vocabulary to communicate with people online, people in your circle. They might not be racists on the surface. But racism isn't just blackface, lynching and seemingly extreme acts. Racism is silence. Racism is choosing comfort over speaking up and using your privilege to help: standing up if you see a black person harassed. To me, that's common sense. If you notice something that doesn't sit right with you morally, you should do something about it anyway. But feels like a lot of people tend to put a blind eye on, well this is the time to start challenging ourselves, our friends, families, followers if you have not been doing that already.

One thing I would say from personal experience: you might not always get there, people might not hear you, people might argue back forever. But you need to remember that you planted the seed, you spoke up, you challenged. So don't beat yourself up, don't take responsibility for other people once you've spoken to them, keep educating yourself, keep speaking up, keep LISTENING, take responsibility for yourself. If you do something wrong and we all do (it might even have a fleeting thought that does not align with what you stand for because we have been conditioned), it is ok. Get yourself back on track, apologise genuinely without making yourself the centre of attention and move on with new knowledge. THIS is what you can do.

But I don't have time! Racism has always been such an important issue for me but I justified others' lack of action that they might not have enough time. But it's not a one minute or one book job. It is a lifetime job. So keep reading, keep accumulating information and use it actively, don't store it and pat yourself on the back. I know it may feel that you are not making enough change, but you are doing it. You are not silent, you are not complicit with the system.

I'm done talking.

RESOURCES: There are loads of links to petitions, donations, information on how to help without money donations or leaving your house.


Please remember that racism is everywhere, but it is also different everywhere. Besides these books you could read fiction by black writers and get a different perspective.

Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race Reni Eddo-Lodge

Taking up Space Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi

The Things I Would Tell You Sabrina Mahfouz

Britsh (On Race, Identity and Belonging) Afua Hirsch

Natives Akala

White Fragility Robin Diangelo

I am Not Your Negro James Baldwin

Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism Bell Hooks (I love Bell Hooks, she's helped me write a lot of essays)

I am Not Your Baby Mother Candice Brathwaite

Me and White Supremacy Layla F. Saad

How to Be an Antiracist Ibraham X. Kendi

So You Want to Talk About Race Ijeoma Oluo (there is the whole list of books here) (and here) (for parents)


@amileya who is a doctor, podcaster and an educator

@displacedppl podcast about finding your place in the creative industries

@halcyonmaguk has great resources, books on how to actively be antiracist. This post has go the whole load of information including the films you can watch on Netflix!

@ajabarber talks about fashion inclusivity, antiracism and just so much more

@mikaelaloach also talks about fashion's footprint on the planet and racial injustices

@rachel.cargle is a storyteller and an educator she also has an online course on unlearning including some free ones

@novareidofficial TedX speaker and a writer

@ravideepkaur_ educator and coach

@heavydiscussion has plenty of resources

@nowhitesaviors deal with a white saviour complex and break down how harmful various ways of 'helping' without knowledge can be

@askapoc you can ask any question related to racism and different situations for a minimum of £1 donation and get an answer

@shaunking who has recently created an organisation called The Action Pac. If you sign up to them you will get plenty of links of where you can donate money to bail people out who were standing up for the cause.

@stephanieakezia environmental activist, who has a lot of useful resources in her link in the bio. So many!

P.S. Even though I have mainly shared educators, it does not mean you can DM them with questions unless the page invites you to do so. Most have Patreons, online courses and other resources, where one can gain further insight.


The Action Pac - dedicated to organising campaigns to stop the racism in the US

The Minnesota Freedom Fund uses the funds to bail innocent people from prison. ("There is nothing “normal” about cash bail - the United States and the Philippines are the only two countries in the world where someone has to put up cash to avoid being imprisoned before their trial".)

Black Lives Matter aiming to eradicate white supremacy (they are active across the UK, US and Canada)

Campaign Zero concentrating on ending police violence in the US

Reclaime the Block aimed at moving funding from the police sector to education and violence prevention in other ways

Even if you decide you cannot afford to donate to any, they are a great starting resource for an insight into various racial issues. If you want to go more locally, look for campaigns that may need your help in the UK.

In the UK – email your local MP to ask them to support further investigation into Belly Mijunga’s death:

Also, literally a quick Google will give you various links to various organisations that you can choose from.

There are so so many more resources. You don't have to stop here. Also, do not feel overwhelmed. It is a journey and it will take time one book, conversation, realisation at a time.

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